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Working with recruiters:

We are equally selective in choosing candidates and clients and think you should do the same when choosing your recruiter.
Choose a recruiter who:
  • Works in your specific field.
  • Has a successful track record with the level and type of positions you want.
  • Has a personal chemistry that clicks with yours.
  • Has a stellar reputation.
  • Passes a reference check.
Avoid Recruiters who:
  • Show unethical behavior
  • Demand that you use only their service
  • Charge the candidate a fee for their service.
  • Release your resume or other personal information without permission.
  • Have a personal chemistry that does not click with yours.
Maintain a relationship with your Recruiter by:
  • Providing information about yourself, your targeted job profile and your skill-set.
  • Having periodic contact and discussions.
  • Expecting a give and take relationship.
  • Allowing him/her to offer professional career advice.